Last week, da lam order me-m pe ringati production to one million Suzuki Sat ria F150, PT. Indo-Suzuki Car Sales, APM Suzuki in Indo-cahya glide-kan Suzuki Satria F150 Fighter 1 Special Edition Se Pegok food at la Devil Denpasar.

Un ik her, Satria FU facelift is still using the engine fuel supply system carburetor. “In the near future we have no plans to put up the injection machine Satria because consumers still want the engine carburetor,” bright Yohan Yahya, Department Marketing 2W Head of Harga Honda City Sport 1 2014 PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales.
“To produce exhaust gases that comply with the Euro 3 not to use injection engine. With the karburtor system can be. We also see the market or sharenya is still good so the carburetor system is maintained, “he added. Satria F150 Fighter 1 jet fighter-inspired modern technology in accordance with the concept and design of the Suzuki Satria. even the key design like the wings of a plane.

And the more elegant luxury with engine, exhaust tip and both wheels are chrome gold colour. Suzuki Satria and Fighter version 1 still holding a 150cc Harga Honda Megapro FI di 2014 motorbike engine, 1-cylinder, DOHC, 4-stroke engine with 6-speed transmission. For the initial stage of Suzuku will produce 5,000 Knights of Fighter 1.
Hyperunderbone which has a new color (black and red) and the logo “1 Milion Knights” This starts from IDR dibanderol 19.7 million to $ 20.2 million on-the-road from Jakarta. Suzuki also provides some form of alarm accessory sets and garnish (garnish) chrome/grey that can be purchased separately at the counter Genuine Suzuki Accessory (SGA) in their respective regions. g15


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