Si Jhoni NN Vixion elegant sport modifications

Modification Yamaha Vixion alerts New 2013 appeared elegant and more sporty. Motor sport elegant concept modification named Si Jhoni NN it is also the mascot of the club NVL KWB (Stone Town).

The owner is from scratch like Nicko two-wheeled vehicle which has a different look. “It’s important That different and interesting mas, ya since the motor was completed check out the post right here the temen has many dimodif modif motornya Moreover temen at club even though this bike so the first reference alias mascot” said Nicko.

About home modifications that change the look of the motorcycle manufacturer Yamaha of this naked, Nicko Entrust Professional Modification on Rea Reo Fiberwork. “This Workshop which indeed I believe quality carp and proven fiber-based motor modification specialists,” added Nicko is also active in club NVL KWB.

In order to realize the concept of a desirable modification changes dipasrahkan in the workshop are located at Jalan Karanglo No. 67 this poor finish it a little over a month to manufacture body fairing and other part-part penyematan.


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