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Two motor manufacturer’s homeland, Yamaha and Suzuki can just wait for the day to launch their gress-capacity motorcycle engine 150 cc. Could be listened to in government tax Services Office website Jakarta, PT. Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing include code 2PK.

This code allegedly as motor Yamaha R15 and the value entered Value of motor vehicles (NJKB) 2PK is $ 18.1 million. These prices do not include a national tax (PPNBM), so predictable is the Yamaha R15 will be under $ 30 million.
When confirmed to YIMM, Eko Prabowo Harga Honda CB150R Second the GM Promotion & Community Development Yamaha Indonesia said that the time of launch in the first half by 2014, which is obviously the price is competitive, rewarding and affordable price.

This bike will be thronged with the SOHC engine Harga Honda Blade 125 Repsol 150cc motorbike version 3 was able to produce power 18 hp at 8500 rpm with a peak torque of 13.6 Nm at 7500 rpm. Mechanical heart is juxtaposed with the 6-speed transmission.

Don’t have a mainstay on low end mid sport class, Suzuki also has lists
2 code on the website Office of DKI Jakarta Tax Opinion i.e. the selling Value of the motor vehicle (NJKB) listed the Suzuki GSX 150 and GSX 150F.
Suzuki GSX 150 strong predictable is the Gixxer. In the NJKB listed price of Rp 12.4 million, is not included in national tax (PPNBM) or not yet price OTR (On The Road). So the price OTR-Jakarta GSX 150 will be under Rp 20 million.

Stylish nakedbike Gixxer is able to offer attractive aura, ranging from headlights, body aft looks to ‘ advance ‘. The design of the tank model Moge with attractive curves line curves. In addition to two holes with a muffler tip width Gixxer’s appearance appeared unable to make dibading different from competitors in its class. Gixxer meisn armed with 1-cylinder with a capacity of 150cc motorbike. his presence will compete with Yamaha V-Ixion and Honda MegaPro. moto gp


Force Finish Vega RR Yamaha Duck Sales

Yamaha Force variant in the entry level class underbone, whereas the Yamaha has Harga Yamaha Vega RR Terbaru recently been introduced a variant of the ducks, even though RR Vega of similar appearance, the appearance of Yamaha Force not to replace Vega RR.

” concept at him into the countryside and young children, so the type of carburetor remain, also in terms of price difference of about Rp 1 million,” said Dyonisius Beti, Executive Vice President Director of PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM)

In terms of specifications also differ greatly from the previous variants, all new body with multiple color options, a new frame shape with diamond-type frame, fuel Harga Yamaha Force 2014, injection equipped with O2 sensor, forged Pistons, spiny sleeve cylinder. Acceleration is also more refined with the use of the coupling type multiplate.
“Strong horse like errant Character and suitable for everyday use, that’s the concept of ” chimes in its flagship product excellence Dyon confirms this.

The sales target for the medium was not as much of a reach 60 RR Vega thousand units per month. “Yamaha Force sales Target of about 15 to 20 thousand per month for the initial year,” close Sutarya, Marketing Director of PT YIMM.

But with the addition of this new model, which means that Yamaha is currently working to increase the number of sales in the segment of entry-level duck. luxury.

Luxury goods tax rises, Yamaha Fixed Selling Moge CBU him!

The Government began to raise the sales tax on Harga Yamaha V-Max Bekas Luxury Goods (PPnBM) to 125-150 percent. In effect, imported products will increase, and the motor car was no exception, being sold as a Complety Buit Up (CBU).

Yamaha, for example, through General Manager Marketing Communication & Community Development PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM), Eko Prabowo, reveals, the price of motor-motor CBU in Indonesia will experience a significant increase.

“We can not be sure how the range of his Ascension, we haven’t calculated. Just who will surely go up drastically, “he said. The most affected are producers that sell motor CBU. While the new Yamaha, will market the moge CBU from Japan.
Motor-the motor is is , T-Max, Superbike YZF-R1 and Harga yamaha R6 2014 Supersport. “With the tax hike, we (Yamaha) remains on the original plan of selling motor CBU. Just the possibility of slightly reduced because target is much more expensive and thus the purchasing power of consumers also decline, “body size

“But so far we still learn the effect, which we certainly still on the original plans to market the moge in Indonesia,” close Eco. ninja 250R